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Alan Keyes and Slavery Reparations

Allan Keyes Supports Government Slavery Reparations

Here is Alan Keyes being interviewed and he answers the question about reparations and hangs himself as not only a "politician" but one who is ignorant of history. Videos about his dauughter reflect his biography and his cray ideas about slavery. When debating Barack Obama for the US Senate, his views on paying the decendants slavery some through tax breaks were reguarded as cracy.

Focus on the Family Citizen

Yard Sign Printing and Campaign Buttons

“Is the ‘time, place, and manner’ restriction appropriately related to some fairly urgent government need?” asks Harvard Law School professor Charles Fried. As for the politicians, we're pretty much stuck with them. They will continue to use campaign buttons and they need sign printing. campaign buttons

Lawn Signs - Yard Sign Article

am not alone. Earlier this week, in the battleground state of Ohio, a (below voting age) teenager was shot in the arm while pulling out McCain signs. The AP reported that a 50-year old man pulled out his .22 rifle when he saw the teen taking his lawn sign and tried to "defend his property." The 17-year old boy sign stealer was wounded slightly and the 50-year old man faces felony assault. Not to be outdone, police in southeastern Ohio solved the caper of 140 missing Obama campaign signs after a resident there set up a webcam. Two high school students were found with the signs, surprisingly, still in their possession. A very unscientific survey of Google searches and Facebook entries shows that political sign-stealing is a crime committed equally by Republicans and Democrats. Both Obama and McCain campaign offices around the country confirm that they hear daily from residents needing to replace missing signs. In central Washington state, where Obama holds a 10-point lead, one blogger reported on that his McCain signs had been repeatedly swiped. In response, other victims suggested counter-theft measures: One offers up rubbing poison ivy oil over the signs or wrapping them in barbed wire; another recommends a shotgun. In mid-October, a local TV station reported on a woman in Tempe, Arizona, who had four Obama signs stolen in quick secession. She set up a surveillance camera, which caught the unlikely sight of a middle-aged and slightly overweight woman casually stroll from her SUV and grab an Obama sign and campaign buttons.

But the greatest lawn stealing sign escapade of the season, thanks to YouTube, happened just miles up the road from my thefts. A young woman was caught on video pulling up yard signs supporting Erik Paulson, a Republican candidate for Minnesota's upscale 3rd district. A large man, strangely dressed in a reflective vest, walks up to her -- apparently his friend is filming -- and asks, "Who do you work for?" In a surprisingly calm and measured voice, she answers, "I'm a private citizen." She is also a volunteer for Ashwin Madia, Paulson's Democratic opponent.

It's common political wisdom, say consultants and campaign managers, that lawn sign printing play little role in the outcome. Akin to wearing the home team's color on game day or fans painting their faces, the political lawn sign printing is more statement than persuasion.
sign printing And, yes, stealing campaign yard signs is a crime. But because campaign laws regulate that candidates cannot give out gifts or anything beyond "de minimis" value, a political lawn sign, by its very definition, has no value. Technically, according to the Minnesota sheriff's department, I could be charged with misdemeanor theft or trespassing. the yard signs,

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