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Alan Keyes does conference call with state Constitution Party leaders.

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Jesse Walker | April 22, 2008, 4:16pm Alan Keyes wants the presidential nomination of the conservative Constitution Party -- but does the Constitution Party want him? Jim Antle reports that Keyes' pro-war positions haven't endeared him to the party's isolationist rank and file:

Ricardo Davis, the state party chairman for Georgia, says any attempt to abandon the antiwar stance issue will go over about as well as the New Coke. "What if I was the new CEO of a midsized company and decided embark on a strategy to sell a 'me too' product issues that negates the company's unique sales proposition?" he asks. "What if that sales proposition is held dear by most of the sales and marketing management in the company? What do you think will happen to that company as I try to change the company's direction? A train wreck would look prettier!"...

Last Thursday, Keyes took part in a conference call with state Constitution Party leaders. Instead of smoothing over their differences on the Iraq war and other issues, at least one participant remembers Keyes being more interested in talking than listening. "I appreciate that Alan speaks his mind," says Davis. "But he is seeking our nomination, not the other way around."

Keyes has supporters, too: Some CPers seem to believe, in the face of massive evidence to the contrary, that his fame will make him a vote magnet. The Constitutional convention is coming up this weekend, so we'll soon see if Keyes' semi-celebrity status is enough to outweigh his support for Bush's foreign policy.

[Via Freddy Gray, a young Englishman who "was only recently made aware of the extraordinary Mr Keyes. I am now obsessed. Is he not the most entertaining politician in the world?" I remember that feeling, Freddy. Time will pass, and soon you'll be sick of him too.]

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Lincoln did better against Douglas the second time around, but I doubt the CP is going to make the jump from third party to major party like the GOP did in 1860.

Naga Sadow | April 22, 2008, 4:34pm | # I think I speak for most people when I say: Alan who?

Naga Sadow | April 22, 2008, 4:36pm | # Does he not have a day job? I only hear references to this guy in an election year, then POOF! He disappears for another 4 years.

Pig Mannix | April 22, 2008, 4:44pm | # Who thinks that Keyes will fare better against Obama the second time around?

Well, I voted for Keyes in that election. Maybe I'd do it again. Then again, maybe not...

Even better if his estranged daughter shows up -- the one who a few years ago called herself a "liberal queer."

ChrisO | April 22, 2008, 5:27pm | # If you're running a political party, and you are thinking about Alan Keyes as a way to gain market share, then you might have a problem.

Allan Keyes Supports Slavery Reparations

shrike | April 22, 2008, 6:12pm | # Other than his little skin color problem - Keyes is the prototypical Republican. Well - other than the fact that he speaks eloquently, that is. Regardless that the average Christian says he is not a racist, they still will not vote for a black. Alan Keyes has been the Republican Nominee for US Senate 3 times, twice in Maryland and once in Illinois. Each time he got beat by over 40% of the vote. Every time he was at the bottom of the state wide ticket, never a respectable showing. Literally almost half of the Republicans did not vote for him, they will not follow him, proving the point that he is not capable of taking votes away from McCain. Blacks will not vote for him, and whites will not vote for him.

Time and time again, I have seen Alan Keyes do things that were not smart, either that were just stupid or it proves he is a phony conservative on the issues. Pat Buchanan's web master is a personal friend, and I know that there is a feeling that Alan Keyes had a major objective in 1996 to derail the Pat Buchanan for President. Alan Keyes is the main reason Pat Buchanan did not get the nomination. That was the last opportunity in modern times that we had a chance to nominate a real conservative to the Republican Party.

The fact that Alan Keyes has a problem with paying his debts and basic honesty is something that should be concern to all of us. Quite frankly, I think Alan Keyes is a phony conservative, and has done nothing of subsidence to promote conservative causes, but he has proven he has hurt them. From feed back of other conservatives, there is a common negative feeling about him among the hard right. Therefore he will not unite, but divide conservatives.

wmb | April 22, 2008, 6:44pm | # No one mentions it but Keyes has another problem with rank and file Constitution Party people. Don't forget that they came out of the Wallace movement and have more than their share of white supremacists and racists. Mr. Keyes is the wrong color for a lot of Constitution Party folk. They might like his radical theocratic positions but the least popular groups in that party are blacks, Jews, gays, and international bankers.

As a theocratic conservative I would think Keyes is pro-Israel and that won't sit well with the CP klaverns either. And then Keyes daughter is a lesbian so that might alienate some of the sheeted ones -- but Keyes has been sufficiently vicious to her in public that it might not make a difference. But all in all Keyes is not going to appeal to the George Wallace rump in American politics.

Mike | 1:08pm | # I think he went wacko when his daughter went lesbo. He was already a little strange, but before then he made some sense. Now i think hes just angry insane and hateful.

Taktix® | December 13, 2007, 10:38am | # Lest we forget that we in Illinois were punished with Alan Keyes presence back in 2004 in race for Senate against none other than Barack Obama. He was clearly crazy back then, so his recent outbursts are hardly surprising. He also jumped into that race only three months before the election.

madpad | 9:40am | # Keyes. Insane. Moron.

In other words, Alan Keyes still hasn't raised enough money to pay off his old campaign debts. Give, give, give!

Fun fact: The California affiliate of the Constitution Party is the old American Independent Party. If Keyes becomes the CP nominee, then a party formed to serve as a political vehicle for George Wallace will ride into November with a black presidential candidate. What?

Alan Keyes and Notre Dame

After giving speeches on abortion and President Obama, he was arreste dat Norte Dame for trespassing. He was protesting against abortion. Alan Keyes - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Interesting facts about Alan Keyes

U.S. Presidential election campaign 1996

Keyes sought the Republican presidential nomination in 1996, in an effort to force abortion to the center of America's public policy debate. Many Republican leaders saw this as unnecessary and divisive. Keyes was particularly critical of Clinton during his campaign, saying, "This guy lies, but he lies with passion." He questioned whether a Republican candidate who is truthful, yet cold and heartless, had a chance to win against the incumbent. However, Keyes was especially critical of Pat Buchanan, once saying during an interview on the Talk from the Heart program with Al Kresta simulcast on KJSL-AM St. Louis and WMUZ-FM Detroit that Buchanan had a "black [evil] heart". Keyes' entry into the Republican race after Buchanan had secured victories in New Hampshire and Louisiana led many to believe that Keyes was a stalking horse for neo-conservative elements in the G.O.P., since Buchanan had been a well-known ardent foe of abortion and had suffered political fallout for bringing abortion and "cultural war" to the center of the public policy debate.

Maryland Senate campaign 1992 - Against Democrat Barbara Mikulski, he received 29 percent in the general election.

Illinois Senate Campaign 2004

During the campaign, Keyes outlined an alternative to reparations for slavery. His specific suggestion was that, for a period of one or two generations, African-Americans who were descended from slaves would be exempt from the federal income tax (though not from the FICA tax that supports Social Security). Keyes said the experiment "would become a demonstration project for what I believe needs to be done for the whole country, which is to get rid of the income tax."

Keyes finished with 27 percent of the vote and, the worst finish for any candidate for the U.S. Senate election in Illinois in history.

Maya Keyes - The Gay Daughter

In 2005, Maya Keyes came out as a lesbian. She stated that, as a result, her family threw her out of the house, stopped talking to her, and refused to pay for her college. In a later interview with Metro Weekly, a Washington, D.C. LGBT newspaper, Maya Keyes confirmed that her father cut off financial support. She said she could understand it because it doesn't make sense for her father to be financially supporting someone who is working against what he believes in.[13] Alan Keyes spoke against these reports on the Bill Haft radio show in October 2007. In response to a caller, Keyes said that he loves his daughter and that she knows she has a home with him. He asserted that he never cut her off and never would because it would be "wrong in the eyes of God." He also said he would not be coerced into "approving of that which destroys the soul" of his daughter. He contended that he must "stand for the truth [Jesus Christ] represents" even if it breaks his heart.

He stated he would not have gone to war in Iraq, but also said that the war was justified] and defended President Bush's decision in one of his 2004 debates with Barack Obama. Keyes has stated that troops should stay in Iraq, but also said that he would have turned over operations to the United Nations.

After the early states 2008 presidential election, Keyes exclusively campaigned in Texas. He finished with just 0.62% of all votes cast.


Alan Keyes supports the Bush actions of War.

Alan Keyes concurs with George Bush and Bill Clinton, to take military action without the Congress giving the okay to go to war.

The below are from the Obama - Keyes Debate in the Senate Contest of 2004:

Alan Keyes - Troops should stay in Iraq until they get the job done

Q: How long should US armed forces stay in Iraq, and how should we get them out? A: They stay there until they get the job done. Kerry is preoccupied with an exit strategy, but if you get into a battle and the only thing you're thinking about is how to get out, I think we have a word for you-and it's not very complimentary. We are engaged in a war against terror that was started by the terrorists, that claimed the lives of thousands of Americans, that involves a global infrastructure of insidious individuals. We have seen the work they do against innocent lives in the most bestial fashion possible. To fight that war, it is not sufficient to have rhetoric, it is not sufficient to react after the fact. You have got to preemptively move against their bases, against their sources of supply, against their training camps, against the states the provide them with safe haven and infrastructure. If you do not, then they will simply prepare for further attacks. Source: IL Senate Debate, Illinois Radio Network Oct 12, 2004

Alan Keyes - Preemptive strike in Iraq is a right decision In a world where we have WMD, it's not good enough to say that, "If there's a 50% chance that they could use them, I will act"-once one such attack succeeds, we could end up losing tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of people. Bush has done the correct thing. He moved preemptively in Afghanistan, he moved preemptively in Iraq to make sure the American people will not again suffer even worse damage from this kind of insidious attack. We ought to stay there until our national security purposes are served. We ought to understand the national security objective is different than the political objective. It is up to the people of Iraq, and we can work with other countries, internationally, to help them establish a regime that will be more respectful of human rights, that will never again become a base for terror or involved in the infrastructure of terror. But our main objective in which we have to act, whether we have cooperation or not, is to defend the security and lives of our people. Source: IL Senate Debate, Illinois Radio Network Oct 12, 2004

Alan Keyes - A Time For War Alan Keyes boldly backs George Bush in the wars of Afghanistan and Iraq

In the wake of 9-11, Bush boldly and properly identified the enemy as terrorism itself. He boldly and properly challenged the nations of the world to understand the deadly threat it represents to any semblance of international order and community. He boldly and properly excluded the possibility of neutrality, making it clear that every nation would have to choose which side it was on: for or against the forces of terror.

The Bush administration has come to a moment of truth. So have we all. War is not a word to be lightly used. After so much talk of the war against terror we come now to the moment when we must choose to confront its reality with courage, or quietly surrender to the forces of hateful terror simply because their victim and excuse is Israel. To everything, there is a season. On Sept. 11, 2001, our brief season of peace came to an end. It can come again only if we have the courage to accept what others force upon us and fight this war to victory. This is a time for war. Terrorism, against us, against Israel, against anyone, must be battled without reprieve until it is once more driven into the dark shadows where hatred sups only upon itself.


Does the beliefs of Alan Keyes fit those of the mainstream Constitution Party? While most of us CP members believe in the strict interpretation of the Constitution, Alan Keyes for several years has been very supportive of George Bush and the disregard for only Congress having the power to declare war. Alan Keyes is pro-Israel, and takes the position the neo-conservative position that Jews can do no wrong. Alan Keyes is celebrity and a showman, but his failure to pay his campaign debts reflects a lack of basic honesty and disqualifies himself from being a deacon in your local church. Even after obtaining the Republican Senate nomination 3 times, his dismal showing setting records for the lowest vote totals shows that he has the potential for embarrassing the Constitutional Party and making us the laughing stock of the nation.

For the past 7 years true conservatives and our Constitutional Party has questioned and criticized the liberalism of Bush on many issues as well as the insane illegal immigration polices. For Alan Keyes to sit silently on the side lines is not impressive and does not add to his conservative credentials.

Yes, it is tempting to have a name brand and polished speaker like Alan Keyes at the top of our ticket. But do we abandon the very principles for which the Constitutional Party was founded?

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