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With the 2008 Presidential Campaign rapidly approaching this web-site is being offered to provide American Conservatives information about this potential candidate for president? Is Alan Keyes a real conservative working to restore conservative principles or is he just working to make money, using conservatives as an easy source of funds? He ran for president several times.His biography, Alan Keyes has run for president several times and for US Senate 3 times. Keyes has recently sued Barack Obama for president. Popular among conservatives is a request to ask Barack Obama to show his birth certificate from Hawaii. He has also given wonder speeches about abortion and Notre Dame. Interesting quotes. Enter the web site for more information.

Quotes from Alan Keyes:

"They call me Doctor Dream and the doctor is in" -- Alan Keyes, introducing his radio show every day.

"I personally do not owe the debt that was owed by the campaign." -- Alan Keyes Quote

"When he decided to use campaign funds for his salary, that discouraged a lot of Republicans, and even Maryland voters." -- Quotes from Maryland Republican Party Chair Joyce Lyons Terhes

"That money was for working eight to twelve hour days ... it was not a welfare check." -- Quote from Alan Keyes

Alan Keyes for president paid himself $100,000 per year out of campaign funds. Keyes' 1992 Senate campaign was hurt badly when the press revealed he was paying himself a huge amount out of campaign funds. This is technically legal but rare and sleazy. We don't know of any other candidates for president who have ever paid themselves out of campaign funds from any campaign they've been in.

His staff urged him to stop but he refused. Keyes now says, "I don't think it will be necessary this time 'round."

More generally, Keyes knows that his doomed presidential campaigns can raise his profile and help his career as a public speaker and radio personality. Keys has a daughter that is gay. Jesse Jackson and Pat Buchanan have pursued this strategy for years. According to quotes from Time Magazine, Keyes' 1996 campaign doubled his speaking fee from $7,500 to $15,000 per speech.

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